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Smithville Diamonds - Bloomington Baseball and Softball

Welcome to Smithville Diamonds, the home of Bloomington's Little League youth baseball and youth softball program.  You will love our league! CHECK IT OUT .

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11-13 Year Olds, Check Out These Jerseys
50/70 at Smithville Diamonds Check out these jerseys.  This...
50/70 Youth Baseball in Bloomington: Only at Smithville Diamonds
     50/70 Intermediate Youth Baseball      We...
Upcoming 2015 Spring/Summer Season
  Smithville Diamonds Little League (SDLL) is the only chartered...
Great News! - Save $10 on All Apparel Orders

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11-13 Year Olds, Check Out These Jerseys

New Jersey's for the 11-13 League

50/70 at Smithville Diamonds

  • Check out these jerseys.  This is the style of jersey we are providing to our 50/70 little league youth baseball players
  • Uniforms are made of the highest quality COOLBASE material
  • Each team will be named after a MLB team and team name on the front of jersey, as shown above.
  • We will also provide a matching MLB team hat and pants with a belt.
  • See 50/70 details below and on our Season Info tab above.


**Early Bird Discount period ends January 15, 2015.

bloomington baseball                                           bloomington softball

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50/70 Youth Baseball in Bloomington: Only at Smithville Diamonds

50/70 Youth Baseball in Bloomington

     50/70 Intermediate Youth Baseball     

We have some exciting baseball news that will affect 11-13 year old baseball players (age as of April 30, 2015) and we need your help.  Smithville Diamonds Little League will, once again, offer the "Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division."  Teams in the new division will play on a field with a 50’ pitching mound distance and 70’ base paths.  This new division offers a field size in between what they have played on since age 7 (46’ pitching distance and 60’ base paths 46/60) and what they will play on beyond age 13 (60’ pitching distance and 90’ base paths 60/90 also used by High School and Major League Baseball).  To help illustrate this, we have included a chart below.


Player Ages (as of 4/30) Little League Division Pitching Distance Base Paths
7-8 Minor League 42' Coach Pitch 60'
9-10 Minor League 46' 60'
11-13 Intermediate League 50' 70'
  High School/College 60' 90'
  Major League (MLB) 60' 90'


To make this work, we need for parents and players to help us promote this. 

This Intermediate Division will bridge the gap for players who have "outgrown" 46'/60' baseball and for those who wish to play baseball into high school or beyond.  In the past, rising 13 year olds who finished the 11-12 year old division were expected to begin playing on a 60’/90’ field.  This huge adjustment, with a 30’ jump in base paths and 14’ jump in pitching distance may have deterred kids from continuing to play baseball.  The new 50/70 Intermediate Division offers a bridge for the 11-13 year olds, and follows the current trend in youth baseball.  This division will follow "real" baseball rules by allowing base runners to lead off.  In turn, this will require pitchers to learn to hold runners on base and attempt to pick them off.

Just like the option in other Little League divisions, Intermediate baseball can form an all-star team. There is a District, State and Regional tournament that culminates with a World Series in California.

Smithville Diamonds firmly believes that the 50'/70' Intermediate Division will, over time, provide more opportunities for our players and a better chance for them to continue to develop their skills and progress in baseball.

bloomington baseball                                  bloomington softball

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Upcoming 2015 Spring/Summer Season

Information on Upcoming Season


Smithville Diamonds Little League (SDLL) is the only chartered Little League organization in Bloomington and Monroe County Indiana. SDLL is made possible by volunteers, sponsors, participation fees, and fundraisers.  We are located 5 miles south of Bloomington.

Our thriving league has provided youth baseball and youth softball to area children for more than 40 years.  Our league is comprised of three age divisions in softball (7U, 10U and 12U) and five age divisions in baseball (5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13) including a 4U co-ed instructional league. We utilize four fields (two with grass infields) all within the same ballpark facility. We also feature a full concession stand with food, beverages, snacks and candy.

See the 2015 Season Info tab above for detailed information.  Register NOW for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.

bloomington baseball                                   bloomington softball

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Youth Baseball & Youth Softball in Bloomington, IN

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We are a Pet Free Facility


Due to the large number of complaints and the very young children present on the property, “NO PETS” signs have been posted and this rule will be enforced. PLEASE DO NOT BRING PETS TO THE SMITHVILLE GROUNDS. 

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